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Why do all boat owners need an Ovatek life raft!

Since 1995, Ovatek Inc. manufacture the world’s only No Service/Repack egg shaped fiberglass life rafts which is Transport Canada & US Coast guards approved and meets Solas SLA regulations. They have a number of advantages over the conventional inflatable life rafts including the facts that they don’t require the expensive annual inspection and repacking.

What is unique about these life rafts? Everything! With an unlimited shelf life, Ovatek's life rafts are indestructible, watertight, unsinkable, self-righting and fire retardant. The dual fiberglass hull foam core construction provides incomparable protection from hypothermia and strength to withstand severe impact.

Experts estimate that half of all drowning victims die from hypothermia. Because the Ovatek can be boarded on deck, it will permit the crew of a sinking boat to get inside the life raft without getting wet. They can also be used as a safe heaven to wait out a storm without launching. If required, they can be launched manually from inside/outside or automatically via an hydrostatic release mechanism.

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Ovatek 7

Ovatek 7 persons life raft

  • 7 persons life raft.
  • SOLAS-A approved survival kit.
  • Mounting cradle
  • Hydrostatic release
  • Paddles
  • Internal water ballast
  • Sea anchors
  • Pump

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Ovatek 4

Ovatek 4 persons life raft

  • 4 persons life raft.
  • SOLAS-A Approved survival kit.
  • Mounting cradle.
  • Hydrostatic release.
  • Paddles
  • External water ballasts
  • Sea Anchors
  • Pump

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"We were in the Ovatek and trapped under the stabilizer boom/stay wires. As the boat went down we popped up like a cork. The raft's design saved us."

The Crew,
MV Fundy Leader, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

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